Ocoee Rangers Close Another Successful Year of Cowboy & Cowgirl Action Shooting!

The December Shoot and Annual Luncheon and Awards Event closed 10 years of successful Ocoee Rangers Cowboy & Cowgirl Action Shooting in Cleveland, TN. But it also paved the way to begin the 11th year in 2013 . But 1st things first, the December shoot saw 49 shooters participate, before all the cowgirls and cowboys saddled up and galloped over to the Cleveland Golden Corral for grub and coffee and the presentation of Annual Awards.  Or at least that’s what we’ll call it. Have you ever seen a Western movie where the cowboys didn’t have grub and coffee?  Anyway, we gathered to celebrate the holiday season and the accomplishments of our shooting chums for the year 2012.


As has become customary, lots of folks dress a bit more spiffy for the Christmas Shoot and Event. Colonel Mortimer was sharply dressed in tweed, Derby, red vest and tie and was also ready to blast the targets. Several cowboys and cowgirls had Christmas hats perched on their noggins, but the Duchess looked especially perky wearing hers: take a look at her in the photo below.

Tombstone Shooting Rifle Targets, Josey Wales Style as Double Eagle Times. Fast Harley, Sudden Sam & the Duchess Watch the Action.

Tombstone Shooting Rifle Targets, Josey Wales Style as Double Eagle Times. Fast Harley, Sudden Sam & the Duchess Watch the Action.

In addition to costuming being a bit more elaborate at December shoots, many shooters try different categories: December doesn’t count in Annual Shooting Competition, so, several folks shot Outlaw, shooting their sixguns and shotgun from the hip.  That’s hard to do.  TN Tombstone, the father of Outlaw shooting, also shot a bit differently: he shot Josey Wales style.  That means he used 5 pistols and didn’t use either a rifle or shotgun.  Of course he missed several targets.  Some of them were out there a ways.  And a couple of shotgun targets when felled tossed up a clay target, which ol’ Tombstone had to engage with a pistol. But he shot 1 handed.


Speaking of targets a bit farther down range, on Stage 1, shooters had the option of shooting a large, close pistol target or shooting a large rifle target down range with their pistols.  If the shooter hit the target with all 10 pistol shots, he or she got a 10 second bonus, and several tried.  Only 2 shooters hit the distant target all 10 times:  Horseshoe John and Shotgun Rider, and Horseshoe was shooting his pistols that have 3 1/2 inch barrels.


Unpleasant was the TOP GUN in the day’s shooting competition, but he barely edged out Fast Harley.  They tied in the base score, but Unpleasant shot a bit faster than Harley, and in the tie breaker, he placed 1st. The Top 10 Shooters were (1) Unpleasant (2) Fast Harley (3) Jackalope (4) Ocoee Red (5) Marshal Too Tall (6) Happy Pappy (7) Purly (8) Double Eagle (9) Lulu McGoo and (10) Last Kiss.  Lulu was the TOP LADY SHOOTER. 12 shooters shot matches with no misses: Raw Flint, Fast Harley, Jackalope, Marshal Too Tall, Happy Pappy, Purly, Pop Dawson, Sledge, Sundance McNeyman, Horseshoe John, Shotgun Rider, and Wildwood Marshal.

(See Annual Awards Winners After December Shoot Results)


 TOP GUN …  Unpleasant      TOP LADY SHOOTER  … Lulu McGoo

Buckaroo: (1) Pony Rider (2) Jon Autry

Young Gun: (1) Sunset Rider

Gunfighter: (1) Last Kiss (2) Polecat Carl (3) Johnny Lightfoot

Outlaw: (1) Marshal Too Tall (2) Pleasant (3) Sheriff Lord

Josey Wales: (1) Tennessee Tombstone

Lady Duelist: (1) Anita Margarita (2) Feather Dancer

Lady Double Duelist: (1) the Duchess

Silver SR Duelist: (1) Shenandoah Will

SR Double Duelist: (1) Double Eagle (2) Sudden Sam (3) Pop Dawson

Duelist: (1) Purly (2) Lucky Lightburne (3) Ranger Roger

Elder Statesman Double Duelist: (1) Horseshoe John

Elder Statesman Duelist: (1) Hoss Carpenter

Elder Statesman: (1) Wildcat Wilkey (2) Tom Cassidy

Frontier: (1) Jackalope (2) Long Gulch

Frontier Cartridge: (1) Pistol Creek

Silver SR: (1) Tin Pot (2) Raw Flint (3) Wildwood Marshal

Lady Senior: (1) Roma Jane (2) Cotton Ginnie

Senior: (1) Ocoee Red (2) Sledge

Lady 49er: (1) Lulu McGoo

49er: (1) Fast Harley (2) Happy Pappy

B-Western: (1) T-Bone Angus (2) Sundance McNeyman

Wrangler: (1) Shotgun Rider (2) Dusty Dollar

Cowgirl: (1) Lady Rider

Cowboy: (1) Unpleasant

Various: (1) Tucson Tuco



Unpleasant (2012 TOP GUN), Last Kiss (T0P LADY SHOOTER) & Pleasant  (ANNUAL SPIRIT OF THE GAME WINNER)

Unpleasant (2012 TOP GUN), Last Kiss (T0P LADY SHOOTER) & Pleasant (ANNUAL SPIRIT OF THE GAME WINNER)

At the after shoot Annual Event, our most prestigious award, the Ocoee Rangers Annual Spirit of the Game Award was presented to Pleasant. Pleasant is 1 of the founders of the Ocoee Rangers Cowboy & Cowgirl Shooters and has been very active in the group since its beginning.   For  a time, Pleasant was our top shooter and  was the first Ocoee Ranger to shoot Gunfighter. He’s still the top Gunfighter shooter. Pleasant has served as our Territorial Governor since our beginning.


The 2012 Top Gun Award was presented to Unpleasant, Pleasant’s “little boy”. Unpleasant looks a bit unusual in the photo.  He left his hat outside and had to borrow his mom’s hat. He looks sorta unusual in the photo, but when he shoots, he’s very serious. How serious? A year ago, I had to get a new, faster action camera just to get an action picture of Unpleasant shooting.  He’d be finished with each sixgun before my camera could focus on him.


The 2012 Top Lady Shooter Award was presented to Last Kiss. Last Kiss shoots Gunfighter, not Lady Gunfighter, and she’s 1 of the top Gunfighter shooters. If you look above, you’ll see that she placed 1st in Gunfighter competition in December, and being in the top ranks isn’t unusual for her.


 2012 TOP GUN …  Unpleasant   –     2012 TOP LADY SHOOTER  … Last Kiss

Top 10 Shooters: (1) Unpleasant (2) Hurricane Charley (3) Marshal Too Tall (4) Marshal W.D. (5) Ocoee Red (6) Purly (7) Clancy O’Conall (8) Polecat Carl (9) Tabasco JOT (10) Jackalope


Long Range Single Shot Rifle: Yankee Dutchman

Long Range Lever Action Rifle, Long Range Pistol & .22 Caliber: Marshal Too Tall

 Top 5 Most Accurate Shooters: (1) Marshal Too Tall (2) Hide Cutter (3) Unpleasant (4) Polecat Carl (5) Deadman

Lady Buckaroo: (1) Rhinestone Rachel   –

Buckaroo: (1) Trooper Troy (2) Jon Autry

Young Gun: (1) Tatar Salad

Elder Statesman: (1) Wildcat Wilkey (2) Tabasco JOT (3) Rev. Adam Jones

Elder Statesman Duelist: (1) Owlhoot Hardin (2) Hoss Carpenter

Lady 49er: (1) Lulu McGoo (2) Shez A Pistol (3) Amorous Ali

49er: (1) Happy Pappy (2) Lucky Lightburne (3) Fast Harley & Smokin’ Dave (tie)

Lady B-Western:  Mrs. Pleasant

 B-Western: (1) Marshal W.D. (2) Sundance McNeyman (3) T-Bone Angus

Classic: (1) Hoss Carpenter (2) Smokin’ Dave

Cowgirl:  (1) the Duchess (2) Calico Nicole

 Cowboy: (1) Unpleasant (2) Hurricane Charly (3) Long Creek Stranger

Lady Duelist: (1) Mae Berry (2) Feather Dancer

Duelist: (1) Ranger Roger (2) Citico Kid (3) Lucky Lightburne

Double Duelist: (1) Tarheel (2) Owlhoot Hardin (3) Johnny Lightfoot

SR Double Duelist: (1) Double Eagle (2) Sudden Sam (3) Pop Dawson

Silver SR Duelist: (1) Horseshoe John  (2) Hoss Carpenter  

Frontier Cartridge Duelist: (1) Long Gulch (2) Jackalope (3) Keystone 

Gunfighter: (1) Pleasant (2) Outcast (3) Widowmaker

Frontier Cartridge SR Gunfighter: (1) Tenn Smoke

SR Gunfighter: (1) Lightning McCoy (2) Yankee Dutchman (3) Keystone

Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter: (1) Kid Ziggy (2) Jackalope (3) Tucson Tuco

Frontier Gunfighter: (1) Kid Ziggy

Outlaw: (1) TN Tombstone (2) Loose Cinch (3) Yazoo City Gal

Frontier Cartridge Outlaw: (1) Loose Cinch

Frontier: (1) Jackalope (2) Keystone (3) Fast Harley   

Lady Frontier Cartridge: (1) Anita Margarita

Frontier Cartridge: (1) T-Bone Angus (2) Unpleasant

SR Frontier Cartridge: (1) Ocoee Red

Silver SR Frontier Cartridge: (1) T-Bone Angus

Modern: (1) Polecat Carl (2) Jackson Longstreet  

Lady SR: (1) Sassy Motchie (2) Roma Jane (3) Cotton Ginnie

Senior: (1) Marshal Too Tall (2) Ocoee Red (3) Sledge 

Sliver SR: (1) Purly (2) Tin Pot (3) Tucson Tuco

Lady Wrangler: (1) Miss Kitty Kat (2) Anita Margarita   

Wrangler: (1) Undertaker (2) TN Mongo (3) Clancy O’Conall & Hide Cutter (tie)



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    T-Bone Angus (Terry Eischen) is an East Ridge Gun dealer and a Cowboy Action Shooter of many years. His phone number is 423-899-9807. His e-mail address is tboneangus@comcast.net

    T-Bone is honest, fair and a good guy to deal with.

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