First Cold Shoot, Competition From Holiday Weekend & Rumor That Marshal Too Tall Would Sing Kept Many Away!

Ask Rev. Adam Jones, and he’ll tell you that it was cold at the November Shoot. And it was, although Jackalope didn’t wear a coat. Some folks are just hot-blooded. Attendance was down a bit: we had 58 hardy shooters who ventured out. We probably lost a few because of the temperature.  And the long holiday weekend may have had others away. And maybe the rumor that Marshal Too Tall would sing at the awards ceremony kept some away.  For example, Tabasco JOT  arrived too late to shoot.  He made sure he didn’t hear Too Tall warble.  Well, maybe there was no such rumor, but it sorta sounds good …. and a bit like Too Tall.


Before the shoot, several shooters agreed, on the electronic range, to shoot black powder at the November Shoot, and 11 1/2 shooters shot some version of black powder during the match. No, the 1/2 shooter wasn’t Too Tall. One cowboy, not used to shooting real loads, fired his short barreled pistols, got a whump sound, and experience real recoil and shot the rest of the match minus the nasty black powder stuff. As John Wayne used to say, “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.” And indecision isn’t a problem for that shooter. Black powder makes real niffty photos. 1 is shown above of Fast Harley shooting Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter. Last Kiss, his traveling pardner also shot black powder gunfighter.


Clancy O’Conall, sporting a new cowboy hat, was the TOP GUN.  Anita Margarita, shooting Frontier Cartridge, was the Top Lady Shooter. The Top 10 Shooters were (1) Clancy O’Conall (2) Hurricane Charly (3) Polecat Carl (4) Unpleasant (5) Marshal Too Tall (6) Purly (7) Happy Pappy (8) Marshal W.D. (9) Pleasant and (10) Outcast. The Top 5 Black Powder Shooters were (1) Unpleasant (2) Jackalope (3) Keystone (4) Anita Margarita and (5) Last Kiss. 13 shooters shot Matches With No Misses.


 November is Thanksgiving month, right?  Say yes, Too Tall.  And Thanksgiving really isn’t Thanksgiving without turkey. Right? At the November shoot, each posse shot for a gift certificate for a turkey. Here are the turkey winners:            Posse 1 – Tucson Tuco … Posse 2 – TN Hawk … Posse 3 … Jackalope … Posse 4 – Limp Along Charlie.



TOP LADY SHOOTER  –  Anita Margarita

Buffalo Shoot Winners:

.22 Cal:  – Pleasant ….

Long Range Pistol: – Marshal Too Tall

Long Range Single Shot Rifle: – Yankee Dutchman …

Long Range Lever Action Rifle: – Marshal Too Tall

Lady Frontier Cartridge: (1) Anita Margarita

Lady 49er: (1) Lulu McGoo (2) Shez A Pistol

Lady B-Western: (1) Mrs. Pleasant

Lady Duelist: (1) Feather Dancer

Lady Senior: (1) Cotton Ginnie

Lady Wrangler: (1) Miss Kitty Kat

Elder Statesman: (1) Wildcat Wilkey (2) TN Hawk (3) Tom Cassidy

Frontier Gunfighter: (1) Kid Ziggy

Frontier Outlaw: (1) Loose Cinch

Frontier Cartridge: (1) Unpleasant

SR Frontier Cartridge: (1) Ocoee Red

Silver SR Frontier Cartridge: (1) T-Bone Angus

Frontier Cartridge Duelist: (1) Jackalope (2) Keystone

Frontier Cart. Gunfighter: (1) Last Kiss (2) Tucson Tuco (3) Fast Harley

Frontier Cartridge Senior Gunfighter: (1) Tenn Smoke

Gunfighter: (1) Pleasant (2) Outcast (3) Johnny Lightfoot

SR Gunfighter: (1) Yankee Dutchman (2) El Carrera

Classic: (1) Smokin’ Dave

Outlaw: (1) TN Tombstone (2) Cactus Red (3) Tio Don

Duelist: (1) Ranger Roger

Double Duelist: (1) Dustin Clays (2) Kansas Kid

SR Double Duelist: (1) Double Eagle (2) Sudden Sam (3) Pop Dawson

Silver SR Double Duelist: (1) Horseshoe John

Silver SR: (1) Purly (2) Tin Pot (3) Abilene Al

Senior: (1) Marshal Too Tall (2) Sledge

49er: (1) Happy Pappy

Wrangler: (1) Clancy O’Conall (2) Dusty Dollar

B-Western: (1) Marshal W.D. (2) Sundance

Cowboy: (1) Hurricane Charly

Modern: (1) Polecat Carl (2) Limp Along Charlie


 For as long as we’ve been Ocoee Rangers, we’ve celebrated the Christmas Holiday Season at and following our December Shoot.  We usually shoot the 4th Saturday, but in order for cowboys and cowgirls to celebrate the holiday with their families, we shoot a week early.  Of course another group usually shoots the 3rd Saturday, but they share the range with us on that day, giving us 3 of the 5 pistol ranges: we’ll have ranges 1 .. 2 .. & 3. (Please save parking 4 & 5 for the other group.) We shoot 3 holiday related stages (at least we do when T-Bone Angus writes the stages), and then we quickly take down and store all the targets and props and gallop over to the Golden Corral Restaurant. Once there, we have a Dutch treat lunch and then present Annual Awards.  No, Too Tall, this doesn’t mean that Yankee Dutchman treats everyone to lunch.  It means that we all select what we want and pay for it ourselves.


Everyone knows, even Too Tall, that Santa keeps a list for use in December.  And we also keep a list to know who will receive Ocoee Rangers Annual Awards. Unpleasant usually keeps his own running list to monitor his progress throughout the year. Awards presented will be for achievements like The Spirit of the Game Award, and the TOP GUN Award, and Top Lady Shooter and other awards.


Sometimes, folks can’t make the shoot (too cold, or other reasons) but still attend the lunch and Awards event.  Ocoee Rangers are encouraged to bring their special someone and kids to meet their shooting pardners. It’s always been a fun event. If you haven’t ever attended, come out and join those of us who do attend. The food’s good, you pick what you want to eat, and you can go back for more as many times as you want. And you might be an Award winner.

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  1. Raw Flint (Lonnie Albertson) says:

    In the spirit of the season, and the sprit of the game, I would like to address the value of Ocoee Red to the Ocoee Rangers, without whom there would be no Ocoee Rangers. To me he represents the true spirit of the game and a tribute to what it means to be a cowboy. While there are many in the organization that work so hard to support cowboy shooting and the values inherent to being a cowboy, a more dedicated, humble critter cannot be found. I think that I speak for all in the club that too little is made of the contribution of Red and the time and effort he exerts on our behalf. Mainly I just want to express my gratitude for his untiring efforts and support of that which we hold so dear. A truer COWBOY and PATRIOT cannot be found. May we never take for granted what he so selflessly contributes for the benefit of us all. Thank you Ocoee Red for all you are and all you do.

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